// Welcome to STIL.

17. April 2016

Welcome to our new brand everyone! Marissa here, your founder and head designer. A year in the making I have finally arrived at the true vision of my new label – STIL. When I initially started a business I had no idea that it would ever amount to anything; I don’t think anyone does. I went with my gut and my love for art and design and ‘Design Love Co’ was born. I started my company almost 3 years ago and it has personally changed me and altered me in ways I didn’t know were possible. I truly fell in love with what I was building and so a year ago I decided it was time for me to expand my vision into something bigger that reflected my personal – and business – growth.

Starting a business has made me realize that there is something bigger out there for me and it was waiting for me to reach out and grab it. It wasn’t that I wanted to leave ‘Design Love Co’ behind, it’s that I wanted it to move to the next level with me. I’ve always dreamed about designing more than just stationery and I’ve often said that stationery was my gateway drug into the product design world. I needed a proof of concept and the Design Love Planner was just that.

I wanted to make sure I spent time perfecting the planner for a year or two, trying out different things, before moving on to the next product. I see product design as a birthing process and each new creation needs to be nurtured and watched before leaving it to its own devices. I arrived at that point last Fall after 3 successful planner runs and 5 different designs. It was time for me to finally pick up my next project – the Metropolis Clutch, which you can read all about here.

Adding an accessory and leather good to my product line signified something bigger to me so I put a change in motion. I went through countless names, purchased more than 15 domains and wrote down over 500 words. Finding a name was a 5 month process for me and I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night to sketch and write down words. Pinterest became my best friend – and we’ve been close ever since. I was looking for something that meant a lot to me, something that would establish me more as a designer and creator and something that was memorable and easy for people to say out loud. I was so close so many times – 15 times to be exact – but it was the morning of January 1st that hit me like a lightning bolt. I remember having a very emotional moment in my PJ’s on my living room floor flipping through magazines. I knew this was it. Even saying it out loud felt amazing.

So what is STIL? What does it mean? STIL is a complete representation of firstly myself and secondly the type of product design I want to bring to this world. ‘Stil’ is a German noun that can mean any of the following: style, fashion, manner, class and a way of living. I derived it by combining elements of Swiss and Dutch design thinking; my sources of inspiration and what I was born into. You can read more about the entire meaning here.

This brand seeks simplicity, clarity and favors minimalism. Its designs are free from ornamentation and will never go out of style. STIL is soft, feminine and strong. I want every woman to feel exactly that when she is using one of STIL’s products. I want to empower women to live fabulous and organized lives and be proud of the things that carry them through their days. Whether that is through the help of our new clutch or good old pen to paper in our planners. Join my revolution and feel empowered by our simple and sophisticated products. Welcome! I’m so proud to present my new chapter to you. Here is a little something to show you what it feels like to be a part of STIL:


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