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18. February 2017

Make some time in your week planner to take ownership of your desk! If you want to maximize your productivity, a tidy workspace is key. If you want to promote creativity, you have to go a step beyond work organization. At STIL, creating a positive work environment means more than keeping your space clean. Sure, staying organized is the first step, but to truly create a place that promotes productivity, you need to surround yourself with things that inspire you.

Obviously we don’t all have the luxury of hiring a designer to perfect our top-floor, corner office, but there are ways we can incorporate beautiful, functional objects into our workspace.

Being surrounded by things that inspire you not only betters your mood, but also promotes positive workflow, and increases your overall job performance. Make the time investment and pencil a few minutes in your 2017 planner to implement these desk organization tips to seriously up your work game.

1 // Cleanliness

It’s no secret – No one works well in a cluttered, unorganized environment. Stay on top of the mess by making time in your daily calendar for clearing your space of all loose papers and putting everything in its proper place. One of the best desk organization tips we’ve ever received is how to organize our cords.

Pro tip: Save yourself the time and trouble of keeping them corralled by drilling small holes in the back of your desk! The excess cord will hide neatly under your desk, keeping everything orderly.

2 // Storage Solutions

Low on surface space? Look for ways to add storage above or below your desk. A file cabinet is a great way to keep papers organized, saving you lots of time when you have to pull up notes from last month’s meeting. If additional storage isn’t an option, invest in beautiful office supplies that will look lovely displayed on your desk. It’s amazing what stylish planners and organizer, stationary, and staplers can do to transform your space!

3 // Inspiration

If your job requires creativity, give yourself space to dream and plan. A bulletin board will bring your Pinterest to life and surround you with beauty as you think up new ideas. (It will also save your tabletop from being covered in countless clippings!) Let this be your space to get messy and style the rest of your desk in a clean, minimal way to provide balance.

When you’re clocking 9-5 on your week calendar, it’s important to invest in making your office a healthy work environment. Hopefully these desk organization tips will help you transform your space into a place you enjoy.


IMAGE SOURCE // Coco Lapine Design, Erika Brechtel.

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