Crafting a Morning Ritual – How to Supercharge Your Productivity and Set the Tone for Your Day

Cultivating a morning routine is an important part of protecting your mental health and setting the tone for the rest of your day. Optimizing your time is a skill that takes practice to perfect, but you’ll be repaid tenfold the time you put in. As entrepreneurs and online business owners, starting the day with purpose is even more important. Without official office hours and demanded deadlines, it’s up to us to set our own schedule. Beginning your day with a ritual, no matter how simple, will promote productivity and bring much-needed structure into your day. To help you find a routine that works for you, we’ve put together a framework that can be modified to fit your specific needs.


Elements of a Morning Ritual

Your morning ritual can consist of whatever makes you feel the most alert and ready to take on the day – feel free to experiment with the number of elements you include and the time you take. The most important thing is consistency. After you find a system that works for you, stick to it and watch it transform the rhythm of your day. Here are a few common elements of successful morning rituals to get your mind working. Try implementing them or come up with your own to create a completely customized routine.

// Breakfast: While many people make time for breakfast in the morning, few experiment with different foods to see what gives their body the most energy. If you’re facing mid-day fatigue and brain fog, switch out your bowl of cereal with high-energy fruits and vegetables. Smoothie bowls are a great way to combine produce, protein, and healthy fats to give yourself the fuel you need to knock out your task list!

// Exercise: Don’t have an hour to devote to morning cardio? Don’t worry! Ten minutes of weight training or a short stretch session will get your blood pumping, leaving you energized and ready for anything! Take a shower after using one of our organic soaps crafted with pure vegetable oil to get you smelling and feeling great.

// Silence: It’s easy to admit we all need a little quiet time in our lives. Actually taking action and turning off our cellphones for a few minutes, however, is another story. If you find it difficult to sit in silence, try filling your quiet time with an activity that requires purposeful action. Before checking emails or phone notifications, spend ten minutes brewing a cup of coffee. Take time to smell the fresh ground coffee beans and feel the warmth on your hands – Connect with the world around you.

// Plan: Studies have shown that we are most productive when we have a goal and a clear task list laid out. Spend a few minutes in the morning reviewing your weekly schedule and jot down a specific list of things you can do that day to help you reach your goal and meet all of your deadlines. The Design Love Planner has space to plan out your month and your daily to-dos, helping you stay on track and organized.


morning routine

morning routine

crafting your routine

Implementing Your Own Routine

Your morning ritual can be as simple or complex as you like. Once you’ve found one or several elements that speak to you, it’s time to implement your plan!

// Choose an Anchor: Your anchor element should be the one that you believe will have the greatest impact on your productivity or mood. When you introduce the anchor element, you may have to wake up earlier to fit it into your schedule. Begin with just one element and practice it for a month before adding on. This will allow your body to adjust and become familiar with your new routine.

// Add Additional Elements: Once your anchor has become a regular part of your day, feel free to slowly implement other elements. Start with one at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed and overcommitted.

// Try New Things: If an element isn’t working for you, switch it out and try something new! Because everyone is different, there is no right way or one thing you have to do to set yourself up for a productive day.

// Remain Consistent: When you’ve found several elements that work for you, stick with them. They should become an unwavering part of your routine, providing you with stability and peace of mind.

Have you found a morning ritual that works for you? We’d love to hear about it! Tell us which elements you include in the comment section below.

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