// Spring Cleaning – Three Ways to Organize and Update your Space this Season.

14. April 2017

Spring is the season of fresh beginnings. Take a tip from the blossoming buds and mark out time to reorganize, refresh, and incorporate elements of beauty into your space. We find that updating our home and office helps inspire creativity and promote productivity. If you want to be ready to tackle any task your to-do list throws at you, checkout our three tips for updating your area.


// Clean

As the pages of your planner fill with meetings and projects, it’s easy to push mundane tasks to the bottom of your list. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve all experienced times when the necessary to-dos take a backseat to impending deadlines. This Spring, prioritize your space and set aside several hours to do some deep cleaning. Start with dusting off those shelves that are above eye-level and follow through by washing your windows. Write down all of the cleaning you’ve been putting off in the notes section of your planner and make an effort to get it done.

// Cleanse  

Before you bring in fresh wares, take the time to sort through your current belongings and store away anything you haven’t used in the last six months. Emptying your space will minimize distractions and bring clarity of mind. Everything in your home should either serve a purpose or be beautiful to you. If you come across something that does not fall into either category, it may be time to part with it.

// Curate

After you’ve cleared the clutter, look for several new pieces to update your space. They can serve a practical purpose, bring beauty, or both. The most important element to look for is quality. Try to find things that will stand the test of time and retain their value.


spring cleaning

spring cleaning

spring cleaning

This season, STIL is introducing BÜTIQ, a curated collection of high-quality home and beauty products. We believe the launch perfectly coincides with the season. As we clean, cleanse, and curate our homes and offices, a sense of purposeful living is restored. BÜTIQ is an extension of the STIL lifestyle, enabling customers to live more minimal, clean lives in home, travel, beauty, and work. If you’re looking for quality items to bring beauty or functionality, explore our new home collection today! You’ll find hand-crafted wares from all over the world, all available in limited quantities to guarantee exclusivity.

How are you planning to clean, cleanse, and curate this Spring? We’d love to hear about your plan for purposeful living in the comment section!

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