Stay Fit For Summer.

stay fit for summer

stay fit for summer

stay fit for summer

Summer is here ladies and we know you’ve been working hard to look your best. As we all know, summer is full of temptation so we wanted to give you a few diet tips so all your hard work doesn’t completely go to waste. We recommend these tips for during the week and think you should allow yourself the weekends to deviate from the plan because it is summer after all. 


Fruits and veggies are an important part of your daily diet. Combined they have the highest vitamin content and the least amount of calories, sugar and fat. To get your 5 recommended daily portions of fruits and vegetables start your day with berries, include a salad for lunch with darker greens and colorful vegetables and finish off the afternoon with a citrus fruit to get a little fiber and additional vitamin C.


If you eat carbs, choose complex carbohydrates such as multigrain or whole-grain bread and cereals. Avoid white flour. Eat lean protein like chicken, fish and eggs. And last, but not least, include healthy fats in your diet through avocados and nuts.


Snacking is fun and important. Most of us will snack when we’re bored, nervous and stressed. It’s ok, we all do it! Try having a drink first. Something like coconut water or a tea. If you’re still yearning for a little bite to eat reach for an apple with peanut butter, air-popped popcorn or celery with a little hummus.


Any exercise is better than no exercise. Take the stairs for example and maybe park further away from the mall. Try to work three to five days a week if you can. 



One of the best ways to staying on top of your diet is through planning out what you're going to be eating throughout the week. We make poor choices when we're in a bind to eat something because we've forgotten to have lunch.  So grab your day planner and write down what you're going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the next 5 days. Our new daily planner layout is perfect for that because each page has it's own blank box at the bottom that can be used perfectly for a small meal plan. 


What are some tips you have on staying healthy during the summer months? 

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