Tips On Working Remotely.

tips on working remotely

tips on working remotely

tips on working remotely

So you’re on vacation and you still need to do a bit of work. Don’t worry we get it and you don’t need to feel bad about it. Duty calls for the best of us. We are working smarter today than ever and allowing ourselves the flexibility to be successful without sacrificing our personal lives completely and often that means working in a nontraditional environment.

Here are our best tips for working efficiently when you’re on vacation or simply working remotely.



Our founder, Marissa, does this whenever she goes on vacation. Dedicate a few hours each day to working on emails and projects that need to get completed while you’re away. Put these hours into your planner because we all know you'll have it with you and you'll be looking at it in the morning. Only look at your email during your “work hours” and don’t let yourself get distracted when you’re in vacation mode. Stick to your hours and only exceed them to finish something you started. We recommend still taking weekends off but when things need to get done they need to get done.


Use creative ways to stay connected with your team so you don’t have to do a lot of phone calls and emailing back and forth. Technology has really enabled us to work better and more effectively, communicate better and be engaged with one another remotely. Use programs like Asana, Slack, Google Drive and Google Hangouts for sharing information and staying connected with your team. Google Drive is one of our favorites because if you organize your drive effectively your team can access everything they need at any given time.


This is key. If you’re staying at a hotel, ask if they have a business center. One of the best ways to be productive is if you’re sitting at an actual desk or a table - just like you would if you were at work. If they don’t have a business center, lock yourself in your hotel room alone, move around a few things and create a little work space for yourself. It also doesn’t hurt to be looking at a window while you’re working so you are encouraged to get your work done quicker so you can go and enjoy the rest of your day. We love Airbnb's for this sole reason; there's bound to be a good dining room table or kitchen island you can get work done on. 

We hope these tips were helpful. We'd love to hear a few of yours. Now go and enjoy your vacation!

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