Travel Tips: How To Camp Like A Pro

Hi guys! Marissa here. I hope you're all enjoying your summer. I recently had the chance to take an incredible camping trip to Kelowna, BC thanks to Ford Canada and I really wanted to share my experience with you. I want to give you my tips and tricks on camping like a champ so next time to you take to the woods you're not frazzled. I'm definitely no pro when it comes to the outdoors but I am slowly figuring out how to do this the right way and what I need in order to feel comfortable and enjoy my time. 

I've put together a few things below that came up along the trip that will hopefully ensure you'll also have a blissful outdoor adventure: 

// Packing List 

This was probably the hardest part (obviously!) but I think the most important thing is just knowing what you're going to need and what can stay at home. A few key things I absolutely could not have gone without are: wet wipes, an eyebrow pencil, a face mask, hairspray, a face mist, my planner, my journal and the met clutch. I know this may seem like a random list of items but they were all used most often. Wet wipes are a must (especially if there isn't a shower near by), and eyebrow pencil is really all you need to spruce up your look if you're heading into town, a face mask is great after a long day in the sun, hairspray will always help tame a bit of bead head and crazy beach hair, my face mist goes with me everywhere I go anyway but it's a great way to freshen up and the planner, journal and clutch keep everything nice and organized with notes about the location of our next destination and always knowing I've got everything under control. 

// Sleeping Arrangement 

One thing that was super important for me was making sure I got a good night sleep. If you're going to be sleeping in a tent, make sure you bring an air mattress, pillows and a comfy blanket. It truly makes all the difference. 

// Getting Around 

We were lucky enough to try out the 2017 Focus Titanium Sedan for the week and absolutely loved it. Not only were we able to connect to bluetooth but the car gave us full access to our phones (maps, messages, emails and even photos) but warned us about blindspots and fit all our camping gear including 2 kayaks. 

// Food & Drinks

We kept things pretty simple for food by mostly getting bread, avocado, cheese and some local sausages to cook on the fire while we were camping. We did get a chance to check out some of the local gems in Kelowna and these are outlined below: 

Cedar Creek Winery - The view and garden was absolutely breathtaking and we took home 2 incredible wines.

Oak & Cru - It's by far Kelowna's best restaurant directly on the water. It was one of the best meals I've ever had not just because the food was amazing but the service was incredible. It was better than we could have imagined. 

Mission Hill Winery - The grounds of the winery are unlike anything we've seen before. Make sure you take a tour because they allow you to go down to the wine cellar where they keep all their barrels. 

// Take A One Night Break 

I feel like this was mostly my idea but it was a good one. We ended up spending one night at a hotel so we could take a long shower, freshen up and get dressed for a nice night out. Also, being able to sleep in a real bed after sleeping outside for a couple of nights is a true luxury. 

What are your tips for camping? 


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