Travel Tips: Working Remotely While on Vacation

Now more than ever before, women are owning businesses and working in creative, non-traditional jobs. This flexibility provides them with opportunities to travel more frequently, but with this flexibility often comes the burden of working remotely.

If you’re going to work outside of your usual office environment, organization is crucial. Our line of paper and leather goods was created for women that need to get things done and want to look good doing it. We’ve compiled a list of three tips to promote productivity, even on the go, so you can embrace whatever work situation life throws at you!

// Compile a Clear Task List

We get it – working while traveling can be a total drag! We also get that a lot of times it’s totally necessary. To make it as painless as possible, create a clear task list before you leave. Include a list of goals and the specific steps you need to take to accomplish them in time. Jotting these notes down in your Design Love Planner will help you visualize your schedule, making it easier to start checking boxes!

// Designate Work Hours

There’s nothing worse than spending hours every night half-focused on your to-do list. (You’ll return from your trip in total need of a vacation!) By marking out an hour or two in the morning or evening to completely devote to work, you’ll actually feel like you’re getting the break you deserve without the guilt of putting off projects and impending deadlines. It’s also a great idea to take advantage of down time, like on the airplane or in the car. Pop in your earbuds, tune out the world, and make it happen!

// Stay Organized

Living out of a suitcase can leave you feeling frazzled. Combat the disorganization blues by keeping your purse in perfect order! The Met Clutch was designed for travel. It has room for the essentials, your travel necessities, and even your favorite shade of lipstick! Organizing your bag will help you avoid misplacing things, freeing you up to focus on work or just having a good time! When we’re working remotely, our Met Clutch holds our credit cards, passport, boarding pass, event tickets, keys, earbuds, makeup, and more! BLOG EXCLUSIVE: 20% OFF MET CLUTCH WITH CODE 'BLOG-20'

Do you travel for work or often find yourself working remotely? We’d love to hear how you stay on schedule and have fun doing it! Let us know your favorite travel tips in the comment section!

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