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Our very first Make Your Own Planner

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Our very first at-home customizable planner is here. Select from weekly formatting or daily formatting based on how you like to schedule your days. Each planner comes with a selected add-on of your choosing that will help you crush it while you're WFH. Simply add it to your cart, check out and print it off! All printouts can be printed on 8.5 x 11 paper or scaled to fit your needs.

Goal Planning Add-On

One of the add-ons is our goal planning add-on to encourage goal-oriented and idea-driven scheduling. So whether you pick daily or weekly planning these pages are the perfect space for your big ideas and goals.

Meal Tracker Add-On

With our meal tracker add-on you can start planning all your meals more effectively and efficiently. This is especially important now that you're making less frequent trips to the grocery store. It will allow you to know what you'll need while saving money so you're not letting any food go to waste. There's also lots of room for snacks...because, well, snacks!

Wellness Add-On

This add-on comes with 2 amazing sheets all focused on your weekly and daily well-being. Focus on your weekly goals, your healthy habits and set realistic rituals. We've also made it easy to keep up with them by giving you a pages that allow you track everything so you're not falling behind.

Financial Planning Add-On

With this add-on you will get a monthly budget planner as well as a debt tracker that will allow you to plan out the next few months so you can stay on top of your spending and come out stronger on the other end.

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