I hope you’re as excited as we are. The Design Love Planner is a very special day planner that is made with lots of love and designed with the modern sophisticated woman in mind. Marissa's passion for stationery started about 2 years ago and designing this planner really sort of just fell into her hands one rainy weekend last November when she couldn't find the right planner for all of her planning needs. She was browsing around boutiques and big stores to find a planner that would fit her entrepreneurial lifestyle, fit in her purse so she could take it everywhere she went and that would allow her to be completely organized so she could also spend more time doing the things she loved. Because really, those are the most important things in life. After endless searching she finally just decided to make one; because why not right? Out came DESIGN LOVE PLANNER! It is designed to be another sparkly accessory in your already beautiful busy world. Oh! And get ready, it’s about to change the way you organize your life - not sure we mentioned that one yet. We promise you, this planner will help you plan out your months and days while keeping everything organized all in one convenient space - that also fits comfortably in your purse. 

The DESIGN LOVE PLANNER also comes with a little extra love and features different inspirational prints every month to keep you guessing and of course motivated to keep on planning. All of these print are perforated so you can easily remove them and use them to leave a cute note for someone, as wall prints, greeting cards, a shopping list or even for journaling and note taking. There are also a few plain perforated pages in the back that you can use for anything that needs to be removed after. The DESIGN LOVE PLANNER is printed on luxe weight paper with a fine and comfortable texture that feels soft and is easy to write on. It is bound with a spiral and finished with a beautifully designed hardcover that’s accented with gold foil. The two ribbons are there to help you keep track of two things at once so use them however you’d like. A lot of research and planning went into making this wonderful piece of stationery and we are so happy to finally share it with you. We would love to see how you end up using your DESIGN LOVE PLANNER so join the community and use #designloveplanner to tag all your photos and tweets.