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Life happens and things don’t always work out the way we had envisioned or intended and guess what, that’s ok! Maybe you’re feeling a lack of purpose in your life or you’re feeling like your life is getting slightly out of your own control? Maybe you let yourself get overcome by negative thought patterns or you might be noticing you have a lot of physical problems due to an unhealthy lifestyle? Whether it’s some of the above, or all of the above, we’re here to let you know you’re not alone and many of us, including me, go through phases like this and it’s perfectly ok to feel this way. However, what’s not ok is for you to keep feeling like this and not do anything about it. You need to find a way to take control of your life and get back to feeling healthy, happy and motivated. We’re here to help you take those steps with our Reset Planner where we will challenge you to stop hustling and start healing in all areas of your life.

Journal Features

Reset Kit Features

Life Audit
Journaling Prompts
Define Your Vision
Mindset & Declarations
Weekly Life Track Checklist
Rituals, Habits & Reflection

Proven Benefits

Positive Thought Patterns
More Focus & Clarify
Stop Hustling & Start Healing
Better Clarity on Life
Better Overall Health
Take Control of your Life

Reset Kit Details

Size 6.25" x 8.5"
Reset Planner
Supplement Container
Custom Claw Clip
Postcard & Sticker

Start with an audit.

A life audit is an exercise in self-reflection that helps you clear the cobwebs of noisy, external goals and current distractions and revisit, or uncover, the real themes and core values that drive and inspire you. Look at every aspect of your life and give each part a score.

Intention, vision & mindset.

If you are in a place where you need to get some clarity and direction in your life start by setting intentions. After that, set a goal for every major pillar of your life and break down your action steps. We are also going to allow you to dig deep into what dominant thoughts consume your mind and take up a lot of your mental space.

Make an action plan.

Make a list of things, habits and actions that you want to start, stop and keep in order to achieve your ultimate goal. This is a big one and will allow you start putting things in motion.

Rituals, habits & more.

This planner allows you to focus on setting some new morning and evening rituals as well as new daily habits. You will also be able to track your supplement routine, you will find a few pages for self-reflection, a self-care challenge, and lastly some journaling prompts to get you started on a new healthy habit.

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Customer Reviews
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Sydney K.
Canada Canada
Best book ever

Just super nice to have a reason to schedule some self care - not to mention guided self care

Kelsi S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Just what I needed!

I loved the Reset Kit idea! Especially living in the time of COVID and working from home more regularly I felt like I needed a reboot and this was just the ticket! I felt like the planner was well designed (as always!) and that it helped guide me through my thoughts while journaling. One of my biggest issues with any type of planning or journaling is that I don't always know where to begin or what to say, so the prompts were the perfect guide! The kit itself was a handy set of items and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair clip (full disclosure, it may or may not have been at least 50% of the reason I wanted the kit)! The supplement container was just sort of 'meh', but it was a good size for keeping all of my vitamins. I also think a cool addition to the kit would have been maybe one of the post-it packs like for mindfulness or giving thanks, but definitely enjoyed it all around and would buy the journal again if it were available separately!

Megan R.
I recommend this product
It’s like this kit was created for me

They truly thought of everything in this kit. I have loved working through the pages, defining my vision, and actioning the steps. It truly has brought inspiration, motivation, and organization back to my life! And trust me when I say the hair clip is to DIE for!

Chelsea S.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
A wonderful kit to get back on track.

I love my Reset Kit. The Journal allows you to take stock of where you're at, where you want to be, and gives you the guidance you need to reset your life. I was in a state of "limbo" in several areas of my life and the journal was great for getting my focus on what's important. Like all STIL products, the journal itself is beautiful and well made. The rest of the Kit is also awesome, and I use most of the items on a daily basis. I highly recommend the kit if you need to hit the reset button in your life!

I recommend this product
A Gamechanger

The pandemic hasn't been easy on any of us, but it was especially difficult for me to juggle school, work, and my health all from home. The reset kit was a great help for getting back on track! The bag, clip, and medication/supplement container are all so cute and useful! And the journal is just so amazing. The guided pages and 'life audit' at the beginning of the journal help you ease your way into resetting yourself and your mindset, and I love that there are free journaling pages as well. Overall an absolute lifesaver, :)