Zipper Pouch (CLUB STIL)

The perfect zipped pouch for keys, cards, tampons and more!

  • Vegan leather
  • 6" x 4"
  • Gold-tone hardware
  • Cotton lining
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Product Details

Made from vegan leather, our zipper pouch is perfect for carrying all your little bits and bobs. Designed for optimal organization, pair it with our Exposé Belt Bag and Exposé Tote and you'll never have to wonder where those keys or that tampon is hiding.

A coin pouch & card case.

Our pouch is the perfect size for all your coins and cards. A mini wallet that you can turn into anything you need it for.

Mini toiletry case.

It's the perfect (and super fashionable) mini toiletry bag for your travel sized toothpaste, toothbrush, some bobby pins, a face mist and some face oil. Honestly, all your mini toiletry stuff can be stuffed in this zipped pouch.

Perfect for tampons & everyday things.

Everything you need, all in one little pouch. It's perfect for keeping your headphones, tampons, pens, lipstick, tide-to-go and more! You're gonna need one for each of your bags.

Jewelry case for travel.

Have you ever found that the back part of your laptop gets dirty and the legs get worn? If you own a laptop you probably paid a pretty penny for it so keeping it clean and protected will make sure your laptop stays nice longer. YAY!

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