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How To Wake Up Happy and Create a Super-Charged Morning Routine

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There's no better time to upgrade your routine and be the best version of yourself than now; before we dive into yet another year with old habits. If you've already got your 2022 Planner in front of you start planning out some important things now so you're not scrambling after the Holidays.  

So many people wake up every morning to the same (sometimes dull) routine. Mornings aren't always the most exciting time of the day but with a few simple steps anyone can start their day feeling supercharged. 

1. Start your morning at night. 

Don't wait until the morning to do your to-do list. Think of the night before as part of your morning (ie you just gained another hour in your day for getting things done). I would suggest by starting with planning out your top 3 tasks that need to get done tomorrow and writing them in your planner. Then I want you to think about your nourishment for tomorrow: what are you going to eat, what do you want to cook? Put it down in your planner. 

2. Zero screen time. 

As crazy and impossible as this sounds please give this a try. It will allow you to get ready much quicker in the morning so you can get to those 3 tasks. For extra credit I want you to wait to touch your phone until you've completed your 3 tasks. You can do this! 

3. Exercise 

Even if its just for 20-30mins do something to get your body moving in the morning. There is nothing worse than feeling sluggish all day because you weren't able to get your butt out of bed. Sometimes I do something as easy as a quick ab workout on my bedroom floor right after I wake up. So add some exercise into your morning routine!

4. The worst comes first! 

Look at your 3 tasks and pick the worst, first so you can get it out of the way and out of your mind. There is nothing worse than a task looming over your head all damn day. Once that task is done the rest of your day will be smooth sailing! 

5. Take a cold shower! 

Ok this one is not in my video because I forgot to mention it but it's such a good one. Taking a cold shower in the morning can really kick you into high gear. It's really great for your body, your mind and surprise, surprise your productivity. Give it a try. You'll find you'll waste much less time "waking up" in the morning.

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