Organization designed by women.

It's really quite simple.

We are a company by women, for women. If you can dream it, you can do it and we help you get it done. STIL is a female-run and founded company that launched in 2015 by Marissa Cristina to empower women to be their best, organized selves. We offer organizational products to inspire all women to take charge of their busy days and buzzing social lives to make room for little moments that are just for them.

Dream. Do. Done.

You are a woman looking to create and live your dream. We are here to empower and encourage to live that dream and find happiness in what you do. Write your list of things you want to do, create that vision board and put them where you can see them; every. single. day. Take action! We’ve got all the right tools right here in front you to start getting sh*t done so you can start ticking things off that list; bringing you closer and closer to that ultimate vision and ultimate goal.

About Marissa

Marissa created her career. Her love for organization started when she was 10 years old growing up in Switzerland. She was introduced to the world of minimal design at an early age and that appreciation has stuck with her ever since. Marissa started the company with the intention of empowering women who needed to get sh*t done because, let’s face it, our time is precious ladies and our schedules are just crazy! She's now successfully launched 2 Kickstarter campaigns and was recently won a 20 ON THE RISE Award in the designers category.

Two years ago Marissa’s path changed unexpectedly and her business took on another dimension. If you'd like to read about Marissa's journey click below.


What does STIL mean?

STIL (German Noun // 'Der Stil') : style, class, fashion and a way of living. Marissa is half Dutch and half Swiss so the name is inspired by her roots. The name was inspired by a Dutch artistic movement called De Stijl. They simplified visual compositions and used only primary shapes and colors along with black and white. That's why the logo only shows the essentials and has anything unecessary stripped away. She used the German spelling to bring in her Swiss roots.

Join the Boss Squad.

This is a 365 day conversation around being a modern woman in the working world. By choosing our products you are not only getting organized but you are joining a community of connected women who are sharing all the ways they are staying organized and what helps them be and feel successful. Some of them are running their own show others are simply looking to uproot their life and do something meaningful. Marissa has been working to expand her line in the most meaningful way by working side by side with you (her customers) to design new products and share valuleable content. This process has allowed STIL to truly redefine what it means to be a direct-to-consumer brand in today’s ever changing market. “We have evolved past just being direct-to-consumer to being a brand that is direct-to-conversation” as Marissa calls it.


Products with Purpose

Materials and design matter. AT STIL We are obsessed with finding the best materials and crafting them into both elegant and functional organizational tools for your everyday life. What you get in the mail will feel elevated and thoughtful and we make sure that every product gets the love and attention it deserves. We want every item to have a meaningful purpose in your life.

Our products are designed with the brand in mind and we use shapes direclty from our logo to guide that design. Can you spot it?

What women say


"I love my planner, it visually helps me see how much time I am working on my quarterly goals and I am feeling super accomplished. I edit my weeks to focus on the priorities and love the washi tape."


"This planner is ahhhmazing!!! First of all it is absolutely beautiful! Such a sleek, classic design and I especially love my embossed initials! I can’t wait to finish setting all my goals and to keep myself accountable. I know this planner will be the perfect tool for following my daily rituals and balancing my busy life schedule! It really has everything. How have I ever lived without this planner!?"


"I’m a new mom and I just finished building a house. My planner is a game changer and I get so many compliments on it. I have accomplished so much since I’ve had this planner and checked off many to-dos that were piling up. I’m even ordering another one for my partner because he somehow always ends up with mine."