// The Cover Story: An Inside Look at Designing a New Planner

23. June 2017

Our office has been buzzing with excitement as the team eagerly anticipates the release of our new planners and that day has finally arrived. Please go here to pre-order your new 2018 12M Planner (Design Love Planner) in 2 new designs. 

Our annual 12M Planner (Design Love Planner) is at the heart of what we do at STIL. It embodies our passion for organization, simplicity and design. Each year, we revisit the planner to see how we can improve formatting and update the look. Founder and principal designer Marissa Cristina gathers inspiration and draws from customer feedback to perfect the tool many have come to depend on for their organizational needs.  

This year, not only are we releasing the 2018 12M Planner, but 2 weeks ago we also introduced two brand new 6M Undated Planner versions. Perfect for travel, this compact planner is available in your choice of weekly or daily format with two cover options, that were both selected by you! 

We’ve spent a lot of time seeking your design opinion via Instagram poll, so we wanted to give you an insider look at the design process.


Step One // Gather Inspiration

Before we open Illustrator or mark up a sketch pad, we spend countless hours browsing Pinterest, magazines, and blogs. We pull colors, textures, and patterns together to create an inspiration wall that we draw from during the design process. This year’s 2018 12M Planner was inspired by upcoming trends in fashion and interior design. Our palette is composed of blush tones, neutrals, and olive green.  

Step Two // First Round of Designs

All of our covers start with a simple sketch. Marissa typically creates around 25 sketches and narrows them down to 15 that will be brought to life in Illustrator. If a sketch doesn’t translate well from paper, she will revise the spacing, placement, and color palette.

Step Three // The Initial Vote

Eliminating cover options is one of the hardest parts. We collectively select our top six designs and bring it to a vote! Our customers’ opinions are invaluable. We want you to be as excited about the new planner as we are.

Step Four // Print Samples

The covers that polled the most favorably are sent out to be printed! When we receive our samples, we test colors, layout and finish to make sure everything is perfect.

Step Five // The Final Vote

We give our customers the final say on which cover they’d like to see on their new 2018 12M Planner. This is always really exciting, because we’ve created something we love and finally get to share the finished product with you all!

Step Six // Make Changes to the Inside Layout

Don’t worry, we’re not majorly switching up your organizational system. Every year, however, we do like to freshen up the interior of the planner and make sure everything is neat and orderly.

Step Seven // Submitting the Final Design

Before we send the final design off to be printed, we review the samples one more time and make any final color and design changes. Once it’s submitted, we await the arrival of our newest planner!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at our design process. We want to thank you for all of your input as we’ve worked to create the latest set of planners. We can’t wait to see how you utilize our tools to set and accomplish your goals!

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