A journal to record your moments, feelings, thoughts and memories.

Featuring a blank section for every day of the year, tailor it to match your lifestyle.

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365 Journal

The 365 Day Journal is here to help you document the little moments, the big things, to reflect on your journey, and welcome mindfulness into your everyday. Keep track of your health, your dreams, your travels, your diet and exercise or just make time every night to reflect on your day. With beautiful sewn-binding, rose gold foil detailing, soft touch laminate and a page for every day of the year, this is your perfect leap into journaling.

Finished with beautiful rose gold foil
Sewn-bound with a soft-touch laminate cover
70lb bright white paper stock
Size: 5.5" W x 8" H
365 day of journalling


With beautiful sewn-binding, a dark navy cover with rose gold foil detailing, soft touch laminate and a page for every day of the year, this is your perfect leap into journaling.


Featuring a section for every day of the year, this journal is perfect for journalling daily with enough lines to practice gratitude and even a little something extra.


To make things extra personal we offer customized monogramming on all our 365 Journals. Choose up to 3 intials to truly make it one of a kind.

How to use your 365 Journal

Below are a few ways to help inspire you to start journalling regularly, if not daily.

Daily Gratitude

There’s nothing better than sitting down and taking a moment to practice gratitude and reflect on life. Take 5 mins, recap your day and write down 3 things you’re grateful for.

What we recommend:

Dream Journal

If your dreams are something you’d like to keep track of this is a good place to start. Leave your 365 Journal on your nightstand placed underneath your phone so it’s the first thing you touch in the morning.

What we recommend:

  • Do it before you get out of bed
  • A face mist to wake you up
  • Some hydration
  • A focus roll-on
  • A nice bookmark

Recipe Journal

Do you like to cook? Well, start keeping track of what you’re cooking up everyday by adding your recipe’s to your 365 Journal. You don’t even have to use it every day but by the end you’ll be just about ready to publish your own cook book.

Travel Diary

Have you been looking for the perfect travel diary? Well, we’ve created it for you. Document all your travel adventures for an entire year in your 365 Journal.

What we recommend:

Fitness & Health Tracker

Your health is the most important thing. The 365 Journal can also help you take good care of your body and mind. Document what you eat, what you do for daily exercise and keep track of things like “me time” by journaling about it before bed every night.

Monogram it.

Make it yours with monogramming.
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What boss babes say about STIL

Claire Wolfson
// Founder, Bean Goods

"I adore STIL Planners and notepads! One of my favorite features are the monthly goal pages - it really helps you set realistic and actionable goals. I also LOVE Stil’s notepads. The paper is buttery smooth. It makes me happy to make to-do lists!"

Stefania Brandner
// Founder, Rewild Coaching

"STIL has really cleaned up my chaotic life. From getting done personal to dos to tracking my flights- I had a lot to organize! It's sturdy cover and amazing paper quality continues to stand up to my change of plans too!"

Alexa Suter
// Founder, Studio Media

"I love my new STIL things! I’ve been using their stuff for years and they are always amazing, but my new six month planner is my favourite for a couple reasons: I love the fact that I can bring it with me basically everywhere and the task/day layout is perfect for my life & work. I also use the 365 Journal daily and it has done wonders for me. Highly recommend!"

Margot Paterson
// Business Dev., Demac Media

“STIL has completely changed my organizational patterns. I love how thoughtfully designed everything is - the check ins with not only daily tasks but important moments of the day, and set short term and long term goals.”

Tania Yan
// Founder, Olive + Piper

"The STIL planner has been my savior for keeping me organized and my to do lists up to date. I need to have it with me every day. It’s practically the equivalent to my phone."

Angel Zheng
// Influencer, Speak of the Angel

“The STIL agenda really taught me to manage my time better and to prioritize my tasks. Between blogging, making YouTube videos, and working a full-time job, it’s easy to lose track of tasks and deadlines. I’ve tried tons and tons of agendas in the past but the STIL weekly layouts are my favourite. They just work—whether you have an easy schedule or one that’s jam packed everyday.”