Help Get It Made

At STIL we are introducing a new interactive product concept that deeply involves our customers. We only truly want to offer products to you that you love and care about. 

The first product that will work this way is our Metropolis Clutch. We love this leather beauty but we want to make sure you love it too. 

So here's how it all works:

  • If you love this product and know you will use it, pre-order it. 
  • If we get 100 people to pre-order the clutch in the first month it will get made and shipped out to you within 6 weeks and it will continue to live in the STIL product catalogue. 
  • If we do not sell 100 clutches in the first month, it will get replaced by a new and different product and everyone gets their money back. 
  • Point being: if you love it, grab it!