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STIL // Bumble

Bumble is a mission-driven company that is dedicated to empowering women and ending misogyny around the globe. Working to support female-founded companies is core to that mission. With that in mind, Bumble collaborated with STIL, a planner company built to support busy women—founder Marissa Cristina actually met her partner on Bumble! Through this special edition planner, Bumble hopes to inspire everyone to take charge of their busy days and buzzing social lives to make room for little moments that are just for them.

The STIL x Bumble Planner sits at the intersection of goal-setting and daily productivity; here to motivate you to be your best self. This special edition weekly planner makes planning out your weeks a breeze. It also encourages monthly reflection with affirmations, gratitude and new ideas to help keep you on track.


What's inside?

Weekly Planner

The perfect weekly planner with a (literally) never-ending task list (because DUH!) and a simple weekly schedule next to it for quick notes, appointments and to keep you on track.


Check Yourself!

The monthly check-in section is designed for you to take a moment and reflect on your month. Set some affirmations, rate your happiness and productivity, list some gratitude and come up with some bright new ideas. Now go crush it next month!


And you get stickers!

Each planner will come with its very own set of Bumble inspired stickers so you can decorate your planner and also keep up with all your meetings, networking and first dates.


Build a kit to help you succeed


Here to improve your happiness and everyday experiences, the Daily Journal focuses your attention on the good in your life. Improve your mental well-being and feel better every day. Complain less, appreciate more. The Daily Journal will truly help you cultivate gratitude.



Maybe you’re a planner first-timer, or maybe you’ve been using a planner for a long as you can remember (impressive!), either way, this special edition Bumble starter pack is filled with all the things you'll need! Things like planner stickers, a notepad, a pen, a highlighter and washi tape.



Our mini transparent case is perfect for your everyday essentials no matter where your day takes you. Great for carrying under your arm or inside your bag. TSA approved it's also the perfect travel companion and its conductive PVC material allows you to use your phone right through it.


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Let's talk Bizz

Bumble Bizz is a fresh take on networking, with an emphasis on finding professional opportunities over job hunting. Bumble Bizz is the first to bring the “swiping” and “women first” experience to professional connecting. Users can instantly find others who are looking to network, connect professionally and mentor. Adding to Bumble’s vision of becoming the ultimate social network for people you don’t yet know, Bizz is powered by the notion that one connection can lead to the opportunity of a lifetime.


Planner Details

The STIL x Bumble Planner is designed to make it easy for you to schedule your tasks and actually get them done. We've also put a lot of time into crafting something that looks and feels beautiful so you stay encouraged to be organized because you'll want to carry it around with you wherever you go.

Sewn-bound into a hard cover.
Designed in a way that lays flat on your desk.
Finished with our beloved soft-touch laminate.
70lb bright white, soft paper stock.
White ribbed ribbon marker.
Size: 6" W x 8.5" H
18 Month Planner

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Why Bumble?

Marissa had no idea that she was about to meet her long term partner when she made the first move one New Year’s Day on Bumble. She cleverly asked, “How’s your year going?” Fast forward two years, and the pair are successful entrepreneurs committed to supporting each other in business and life. Bumble and Marissa had the pleasure of connecting in Vancouver in November of 2018. After hearing her success story, Bumble knew we needed to collaborate with her through her organizational goods company named STIL. Marissa started STIL with the intention of empowering people who needed to get sh*t done because, let’s face it, our time is precious and our schedules are crazy! Our hope is that this planner will inspire you to take charge of your life — or at least the parts of it that really matter to you...


About the Founder

STIL Founder, Marissa Cristina (also a Bumble success story!), designs products for busy professionals that can be used in many ways to fit your working style that will keep you and to-do list organized. Her love for organization started when she was 10 years old when she collected notepads and made her own planners. Growing up in Switzerland, Marissa was introduced to the world of minimal design at an early age and that appreciation has stuck with her ever since. Today, Marissa runs STIL and is heavily involved at every level of the business. She's now successfully launched 2 Kickstarter Campaigns and recently won a 20 ON THE RISE award for her work in the designers category. She designs all packaging and product, manages photo shoots and connects with her amazing customers on a daily basis.

What the buzz is about


"I didn't expect my STIL x Bumble planner to have such an impact on my life. This planner keeps my productivity on track and my gratitude + motivation in check! Thank you STIL for a great planner and thank you Bumble for keeping me empowered to chase my dreams… 10/10 would recommend."


"I always want to get organized and stay organized but if I miss buying a new planner by Jan. 1, I basically decide I shouldn't have one for the year because it's too late. I am thrilled it isn't dated so I don't feel pressure to maintain it at all times because life and work can get in the way! The bullets and weekly calendar beside each other make it so easy for me to see what's ahead + I am excited to look back on the check-ins at the end of the year to see what made me happy."


"This planner is ahhhmazing!!! First of all it is absolutely beautiful! Such a sleek, classic design and I especially love the ribbon page holder and my embossed initials! I know this planner will be the perfect tool for following my daily rituals and balancing my busy life schedule! It really has everything I need and the stickers are to die for. How have I ever lived without this planner!?"