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What Is STIL?



At STIL we use proponents of swiss and dutch design principles to guide us through our product development. We seek simplicity and believe aesthetic beauty arises out of the purpose of the thing being designed. Aesthetic beauty isn't itself the purpose. We believe form follows function.

Our focus is communication through objective simplicity. The goal is clarity, order, and a universally understood visual language. Our designs are clean and free from ornamentation. We remove all that is unnecessary and emphasize only the necessary. Our style favors minimalism and is directly derived from Swiss design principles.

We also incorporate proponents of De Stijl (Dutch // ‘The Style’), a Dutch artistic movement which advocated pure abstraction and universality by reducing its design principles to the essentials of form and colour; they simplified visual compositions and used only primary colors along with black and white.

 // STIL {GERMAN NOUN, ‘DER STIL’ ) : style, fashion, manner, class, way of living.


// BRAND GUIDE: Get a closer look at what inspired us here

// BRAND VIDEO: Experience STIL through the eyes of our founder Marissa here



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Private Label Options

Corporate Program

In our corporate program you have the ability to create custom office products (such as simple notebooks, journals, notepads, etc.) available for staff use and more. Our corporate program allows companies to outfit their offices with STIL products.

Private Label

In our private label program we leverage our relationships with our printers and paper suppliers, to provide you with discounted private label production of any items you need. We’d love to discuss the options we have available in order to fit your needs. 

Want to collaborate?

If it’s the right fit, we’d love to hear about your collaboration ideas. Here we would co-create a product together and create items that are co-branded.