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Founders Feature: Sarah Henderson from Hudson and Oak

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In this edition of our Founders Feature series, we chatted with Sarah, the founder behind Hudson and Oak. Hudson and Oak is a beautiful brand that designs modern home goods for the well lived home. Read on to learn more about Sarah’s story, what a typical day looks like, and how she enjoys her free time as a busy entrepreneur.

1. Tell us a bit about your business.

We design modern home goods for the well lived home. We believe that home should be your haven. Our mission is to create products that celebrate those slow moments with those you cherish most. Our mission is to create products that celebrate those slow moments at home. from our hand-painted planters to our minimalistic tableware, we want to fill your space with timeless, earth - friendly pieces.

2. What three words best describe you?

Energetic, ambitious, driven.

3. What is your story?

I have always loved all things home decor, since a young age. From painting my childhood bedroom neon green, adding a disco ball hung in the corner and insisting on a loft bed so I could make a cool hangout spot underneath. After highschool, I immediately attended BCIT's marketing program. I have always been very interested in marketing since high school, the hands-on creativity is what appealed to me to the program at BCIT. After graduation for the next three years and various rentals, I found I couldn't really express my love for home decor without the feeling of it being my own or permanent. I lived in Alberta for two years, working two jobs to save enough money for a downpayment on my first condo. I later packed up and moved home to BC to be back with family and friends and start my life here. I would say this was really the beginning of Hudson and Oak. I still remember getting my keys to my first apartment, a two story loft. It was an empty palette, and it was mine. I could decorate anyway I wanted to. After working as a marketing specialist for two years, I always had the entrepreneurial itch. I wanted to start something of my own. It wasn't until my sister visited my loft apartment and said it had a feeling of being "cold." At the time my home decor style was more so industrial at the time. She suggested adding greenery to warm the space up. Being in my mid-20's at the time the thought of plants didn't really cross my mind yet. So I went on the hunt for plants to add to my space. Once I brought them up to my condo, I realized very quickly and even at the nurseries that I couldn't find the right planter that matched my home decor style. So I went online, searched and searched and found nothing. With a combination of my love for home decor, a background in marketing and the entrepreneurial itch to start something of my own, Hudson and Oak was born right on my couch in my 600 sq ft condo.

4. What does a typical day look like for you?

Wake up around 5am-6am, check emails (trying to change this lol), I either have a 7am or 9am hot yoga class. After that I head to our office and login to answer more emails. We process orders for the week and wholesale orders and set up their shipments. On any given day, we are dealing with custom projects, building out the new space/showroom, working with customs on importing some exciting new products, and working with vendors for our new showroom! I wrap up generally around 5pm, head home, cook dinner and am currently binging euphoria hanging out on the couch with my boyfriend and two dogs Kingston and Kevin!

5. How do you stay organized?

I use a combination of two things, my STIL Get it Done Planner and Trello. I love how the Get it Done planner makes me check back on my three quarterly goals every single week and makes me check in on my daily gratitude. We use Trello to organize the team's task and bigger picture items we are working away on.

6. What is one of your goals this year?

Major goal in 2022 is opening up our brand new showroom/storefront which has been in the works for the last 10 months. In 2021, we have designed and developed over 10 new products we are very excited to launch soon! We can’t wait to get them all out into the world :)

7. What challenges have you faced while running your own business?

100% is logistics/shipping. Shipping rates over the span of the last two years have legit increased by 200%. It’s now our reality unfortunately, and we have seen every business be impacted by it. On top of the crazy expensive shipping increases, has also come with insane delays at ports and with customs. To say 2021 was fun, is an understatement ;)

8. What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the products I have designed currently and the ones that we have yet to release. It’s simple for me, I just love home decor. Designing and developing modern home goods that are functional yet timeless literally sets my heart on fire.

9. What’s something else you’re passionate about or enjoy?

I love cooking, last season I took up golfing and absolutely love it and am passionate about all things skincare.

10. Where can we find you?

Follow us on Instagram @hudsonandoak or visit our website

Loved hearing from Sarah, but want to know more? Check out the Hudson and Oak site here and use this one-time code for 20% OFF your order: STIL20

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