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How To Crush the New Year With the 2021 Planner

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You've probably spent weeks—okay, months—counting down the days until 2021. There’s no better time than the new year to get yourself organized, start those hobbies, finally set up your home office, or prioritize your health.

We know that things looked different this year. We didn’t get to go on that much-needed vacation, or have happy hour with friends. But despite all that, this year encouraged us to look within, reflect on what really matters, and learn how to adjust to a ‘new way of life’.

This year, we want to make the most of staying home, slowing down, and simplifying our lives by setting ourselves up for success in 2021. So, grab your new 2021 Planner because we’re about to give you some of our best tips to help your crush the new year!

"It’s all about adding structure to your life, knowing that you have time for everything you need to do, every single week."


This can be a tough one. The key to sticking to your goals is to create new ones regularly. We believe that choosing one goal at a time, and checking in on it often is the best way to achieve it.

Start by choosing one personal goal, or one professional goal, and give yourself a realistic timeline. The 2021 Planner makes it easy to check in with your goals each month by providing a Monthly Goals layout to write down your goals, action steps, and strategy. No more stress or guilt!


OK so hear us out – the Monthly Calendar section of the 2021 Planner is the most underrated feature. The Monthly Calendar layout can be used to write down activities, events, birthdays, anniversaries, reminders, and deadlines. Not only does this give you a full overview of your entire month, but is key to planning your goals. Just by looking it over, you’ll get a sense of what you can (and can’t) get done. 


When you're busy, it’s easy to feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin. Sometimes we feel like we need to be it all. Instead, we encourage you to find a routine that works for YOU.

The weekly layout in the 2021 Planner is perfect for allowing you to schedule everything, not just your tasks. You can translate this into whatever you'd like; hobbies, grocery shopping, self-care, or even wine night. It’s all about adding structure to your life, knowing that you have time for everything you need to do, every single week.


It’s been an overwhelming year and it’s easy to become unmotivated with all the changing plans, noise on social media, and unrealistic expectations. Our biggest piece of advice is to use your planner to stay motivated and focused on the task at hand.

Focusing on one task at a time is a highly effective way to get organized and stay in the present moment. Simply write out all of your tasks in the Task Section of the 2021 Planner and focus on that one task. Before you know it, all your tasks will be complete.

Quick reminder: be sure to check out our Plan With Me video using the 2021 Planner on YouTube. More fun tips and tricks on our Instagram @stilclassics 

Happy planning!

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