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It's Time For a Check-In

2018 planner / yearly agenda / undated monthly, daily and weekly day timer / 2018 organization calendar planner design washi tape

The third month of the year is here and this is where things can start to feel like they are falling apart. Maybe you're not keeping up with your goals, maybe you didn't use your planner last week (or all month), or maybe you're just starting to feel like you're hitting a bit of a slump; we're here to help! 

So, here are 5 ways you can boost your productivity this coming week. 

1. Identify three top priorities daily.

The first thing you should do is identify your top three priorities or tasks for each day. These can also be known as your MIT’s (most important tasks). These tasks should be completed in order so you can stay on top of your to do list and deadlines. A great way to do this is by identifying them the evening before so you know what your upcoming day is going to look like. That way you will always feel mentally prepared when you wake up the next morning. 

2. Became a to-do list master.

When you're feeling stressed, we want you to stop, refocus and re-organize your workload. A great way to start is by jotting down every single thing you need to get done and then re-prioritize your workload in a more methodical way.

Once you have everything written down it will allow you to re-assess everything and put it into perspective; which will immediately reduce your stress levels. What do you need to get done and what do you want to get done? There is a big difference. Once you know the answer to this question - it’s simple. Start your to-do list with your MIT’s (mentioned above), followed by any other tasks you’re hoping to complete. Work through your to-do list methodically and repeat this process daily. Our biggest tip? Break bigger tasks into smaller pieces.

When you're feeling stressed, we want you to stop, refocus and re-organize your workload.

3. Put your phone down. 

We really challenge you to just put your phone on Do Not Disturb or silent while you're working away at your to-do list. If you do so, you'll find yourself whipping through your work load and it's going to feel oh so good! Once you finish your work you can treat yourself to some phone time. You can spend as much time as you like on your phone in the evenings when you are relaxing.

4. Recognize your peak performance time.

First, recognize what time of day is your peak performance time and make the most of it. When you are feeling the most energetic, fresh & motivated? For most people this is first thing in the morning, however everyone is different and some people feel most motivated at 8pm every evening. Make sure you utilize these ‘peak’ times to power through your to-do list, focusing on your most important tasks first.

Insider tip: Make sure you take breaks when you need to. Don't feel guilty about it. These breaks will help you fill the tank and recharge.

5. Learn the two minute rule. 

The goal with this rule is to make it easier for you to get started on the important things you should be doing. Most of the tasks that you procrastinate on aren’t actually difficult to do, but you just avoid starting them for one reason or another. How does it work? If it takes less than 2 minutes, then do it now.

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