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Let's Do Some Manifesting

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We're always trying to find ways to re-inspire and reinvigorate you and your planning journey. So as we are approach the six month mark of 2021 (WOA) we thought we would help you channel some positivity into the next six months of the year through manifestation. This principle is similar to the law of attraction where a negative thought will produce a negative outcome and positive thought a positive one.

What do you want to manifest? 

Decide what you want to manifest in your life. Looking back at your 2021 goals from the beginning of the year is a good starting point. Your manifestation can be big or small, it can be something tangible or simply a state of wellness or being. As you write them down, make note of the feeling those things give you and the feeling you want to experience once it is in your life.

Create a vision. 

Now that you understand what it is that you want (and what it will feel like), create a vision for each of those things. How do you see it happening? What is involved in the experience? What will it feel like living in that achieved state? What will it look like once you get there?  

Surrender yourself to the process.

Once you have identified what you want to manifest, and created a vision for it, surrendering to the process. This process will provide you the freedom and space for your life to evolve in the way you've set out. Trust yourself and the universe and just surrender to the practice.

Enjoy every minute of it. 

As with anything in life, manifesting is a learning experience. Be gentle with yourself as you work towards bringing these things into your life. Understand that life will naturally have its ebbs and flows and your path may not look exactly how you envisioned it, but you will learn and grow through that. Enjoy the process of drawing on positive energy.

PRO TIP: Use the 369 Method.

Write your manifestation 3 times in the morning. Write your intention 6 times in the afternoon. Write the action 9 times in the evening. Do this for 30 days! We recommend using our new Essential Notebook to write down all your manifestations 



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