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Here's Why You Need a Reset

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Life happens and things don’t always work out the way we had envisioned or intended and guess what, that’s ok! Maybe you’re feeling a lack of purpose in your life or you’re feeling like your life is getting slightly out of your own control? Maybe you let yourself get overcome by negative thought patterns or you might be noticing you have a lot of physical problems due to an unhealthy lifestyle?

Whether it’s some of the above, or all of the above, we’re here to let you know you’re not alone and many of us (including us!) go through phases like this and it’s perfectly ok to feel this way. However, what’s not ok is for you to keep feeling like this and not do anything about it.

You need to find a way to take control of your life and get back to feeling healthy, happy and motivated. We’re here to help you take those steps with a few helpful tips:

1. Set Intentions

If you are in a place where you are feeling a little stuck, a little unfulfilled and are needing to get some clarity and direction in your life, set some intentions. An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to show up in your everyday life. It is rooted in how you want to live your life moment by moment, day by day, year by year. Intentions keep you focused on the present. They keep you aligned with your core values and what really matters in life.

2. Define Your Vision

What is your #1 goal right now and what motivated that goal in the first place? Come up with three milestone dates and indicate what daily habits will allow you to achieve this goal. We encourage you to enter your milestone dates into your planner or calendar.

3. Make an Action Plan

Make a list of things, habits and actions that you want to start, stop and keep in order to achieve your ultimate goal. Break down your goal into tasks with deadlines that we then want you to put in your planner or calendar.

4. Rituals & Habits

Focus on setting some new morning and evening rituals as well as new daily habits. In your Reset Planner you will also be able to track your supplement routine, you will find a few pages for self-reflection, a self-care challenge, and lastly some journaling prompts to get you started on a new healthy habit.

Our Reset Planner is quickly becoming a fan favorite. It creates the perfect pause in your busy life to check in with where you are at using all of these techniques and more. Don’t miss out—head to our site to shop the 2022 Reset Planner before we sell out again.

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