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The Secret to a Happier and Healthier Life

We’ve officially hit the halfway mark of the year. Maybe you're feeling energized, creating healthy habits, enjoying your routines & rituals, and on your way to reaching some of your long term goals. Or maybe you're feeling stuck, discouraged, and you want to move forward but you're not sure how. Maybe you're in the group of people who fall somewhere in between.

Our secret to living a happier and healthier life? The Reset Planner! We’re giving you a full overview of what you can expect from this planner and what each section will contribute to helping you be your best self.

1. Life Audit

A life audit is an exercise of self-reflection that helps you clear the cobwebs of noisy, external goals and current distractions and revisit or uncover the real themes and core values that drive and inspire you.

Life audits are super beneficial for those who would like to feel more control over their lives, but also work out what they are wanting and needing in life.

2. Intentions

If you are in a place where you are feeling a little stuck, a little unfulfilled, or are needing to get some clarity and direction in your life, set some intentions. An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to show up in your everyday life.

Intentions keep you focused on the present, aligned with your core values, and what really matters in life.

3. Define Your Vision

Defining your vision is all about setting goals and breaking them down into actionable steps. Having a vision provides a sense of purpose and direction for your life. Your vision will help you define your short and long-term goals, and guide the decisions you make along the way.

We break this entire process down for each pillar of your life inside our Reset Planner.

4. Your Action Plan

Once you’ve completed your life audit, set intention, and defined your vision, it’s time to put things into motion! Make a list of things, habits, and actions that you want to stop or keep in order to achieve your ultimate goal.

We highly recommend you break these goals down further into tasks and deadlines and put them in your planner.

5. Journaling

The simple act of writing down your goals and vision every day can have profound and instant effects on your life. Journaling is a great tool for self-reflection because it gives you clarity and can help you identify where you might be going wrong, or what direction you should take. It’s also proven to reduce stress levels and encourage mindfulness.

Resetting your life can be challenging, but with the Reset Planner it’s easy to make your ideal self a reality so you can start living a life you enjoy. With an undated format and a series of guided exercises, you’ll be able to build on top of each one until you find that your entire life has changed and improved from top to bottom.

Want to learn more about the Reset Planner? Head to our site here to shop!

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