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How Music Can Help You Be More Productive

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So, here you are again: Sitting in front of your laptop, the hum of the city or your office in the background, your to-do list open in your planner next to you...and you don't really feel like doing anything. We've been there. However, have you ever found that when nothing else helps to make you productive, the right music can supercharge you in an instant? 

Music can help relieve negative emotions like stress, anxiety and depression and increase things like efficiency and productivity.

If you're part of Club STIL you will have access to our exclusive playlists. We wanted to make sure that you have all the tools to be your most productive self and playlists is one of those things. Music can help relieve negative emotions like stress, anxiety and depression and increase things like efficiency and productivity. YAAS! Listen to our free Get It Done playlist here!

Listening to music can improve your efficiency, creativity and happiness in terms of work-related tasks. Here are a few rules to stick to when you're listening to music at work to get your to-do list done most effectively: 

// Think about your task. First you need to sit down and think about your task. How immersive is the task that you are about to embark on? Does it demand a lot of creativity or is it more of a mundane activity like answering emails?

// The thing with lyrics. If your task requires a lot of focus, avoid listening to music with lyrics as they tend to be distracting to most people. In contrast, if you are working on a repetitive and mundane task then listening to music with lyrics can actually help you work better because it is just "distracting" enough that you forget about how boring your task is.


// For intense focus. Certain types of music make us all more productive across the board. Below are two main types of music that are proven to help you focus and has even shown to be associated with higher scores on intelligence tests: 

1. Classical Music & Jazz: Because there are no lyrics classical music is a popular choice for getting things done.

2. Electronic Music: Also known as “ambient electronica”, chillout, downtempo, ambient house, etc. all tend to be that perfect balance of ‘present but unobtrusive.’

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