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How To Create a Daily Checklist For When You're Super Busy

2018 planner / yearly agenda / undated monthly, daily and weekly day timer / 2018 organization calendar planner design washi tape

This simple little checklist is going to help you create and structure your daily routine when things get a little crazy. The Get It Done Planner has all the right tools available for you to have your best, most productive day yet. 

1. Wake Up Early

Set your alarm for 6am so you can get ahead of your day and have time to sit down and make a plan before you get too busy. 

2. Prioritize Your Tasks

Start by writing down your top 3 most important things you need to get done in order of priority. That way you can clear your mind and focus only on your key objectives. List another few simple tasks you can finish off in the afternoon that don't take up too much of your time.

The key to a productive day when things get really busy is making sure you wake up early and pre-plan everything; even your outfit.

3. Plan and Prep Your Meals 

Writing down what you're planning to eat ahead of time saves you from having to make that decision later on. If you've got a super busy day, limiting your decision making is going to be key. 

4. Prep Your Outfit 

Take a few minutes before you go to bed to figure out what you're going to wear in the morning saving you yet another decision that you would have otherwise needed to make. 

5. Schedule Your Workout

If it's not in your planner you're likely going to come up with an excuse to skip it...let's be real here. No matter how busy you are, its important that you are moving your body so use those planner stickers and stick to it!

6. Stay Hydrated

 Track your water intake with our simple little water tracker stickies that you can easily stick in your planner. Staying hydrated will allow you keep your focus throughout the day so you don't get sluggish and tired. 

7. Simplify Your Evening

The Get It Done Planner allows you to plan out your evening rituals and self-care so you can unwind at the end of your (probably) crazy long day. 

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